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  • Building design

    We deliver overall architectural and building design of residential buildings, apartment buildings, office and service provider buildings, loft conversions, and loft extensions.

    Our services include the preparation of licensing design plans, building drawing plans and 3D plans.

  • Construction projects

    We participate in all the processes from designing to the construction in order to represent the customer’s needs at all stages.

    We also help selecting the most suitable designers, constructors and entrepreneurs as well as preparing the contracts. Additionally, we aid receiving the neccessary authorisation permits, solving the emerging problems throughout the construction work, and planning the processes from the perspective of required time and cost.

  • Technical supervision

    We provide quality assurance and control the technological processes, fulfillment of the requirements and legal regulations, and the quantity-related and financial accounts of the constructors throughout the entire building and renovation work.

  • Responsible technical management

    As construction managers on the construction site, we provide complete guidance in terms of the construction and assembly works and assurance of following the quality and security regualations.

  • Preparing an energetics certificate

    When do you need this certificate?

    in case of a new building construction when issuing the certificate of occupancy

    in case of an existing building when it is sold or let for longer than 1 year

    in case of state-owned or public buildings serving as authorities when the useful footing area exceeds 500 m2

    in case of the application for building energetics modernising tenders

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